The New Apple II User’s Guide

The Apple II lives on…

The Apple II will just not go away. The computer has maintained a loyal and dedicated base of fans, users, and hobbyists even since the line was discontinued in the early 1990s.

The New Apple II User’s Guide

And now, a new book has been released, along with a companion website, covering the developments have have occurred since the last IIe and IIgs systems left the factory. Such subjects include ethernet, web browsing, email, digital file storage, MP3 playback…all on an Apple II system. Users of the IIgs can learn more about using the GN/OME operating system, and other things specific to the IIgs.

If you want to bring your Apple II system into the 21st century, this 800-page book is a great reference. And at $20, it’s a steal. It should also make for excellent companion volume to the “Apple II Bible,” the Red Book.

The New Apple II Users’ Guide can be purchased at its companion website.

(c) 2012 Jeffery Koss


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